Fishing in the autumn season is not an easy task. Water temperature goes down and most of the anglers put their rods and baits down for a long time.


Nonetheless, it is not as much difficult to catch a fish in the autumn period as often it is believed. What you need to do is just follow the right baiting techniques. Believe me; you’ll be catching heaps of fish.

Push the Bait Deep in the Water

First of all, you have to understand the patterns of fish in the cold water. Fish leave their shallow waters in the autumn and move down because water is warmer there. Therefore, you must have to push the bait deep in the water.


Remember that during the summer season fish attack the bait no matter what the distance of the bait is from the fish. On the other hand, fish do not attack the bait itself if it is more than 10 feet away. Colder water temperature makes the fish lethargic. Hence, your bait must reach in the shell water of the fish during the autumn.

You must use a strong rod and a long rope.

Find the right Bait


Another problem that anglers face during the autumn is where and how to get the bait. However, not being able to find baitfish during autumn is a myth. If you make a little effort, you can easily get bait fish from baitfish schools.


Estimate Depth of the Lake

If you have caught fish at a depth of 10 feet during the summer, then you’ll have to catch fish at twice the depth during the winter season. You must have an idea about the depth of the lake.


Bait fish must fall in front of the mouth of the fish. This technique will definitely entice a strike.

Match the Color of Swimbait

The color of your bait should match the color of the swim bait. If you are using white bait, then the color of your swim bait should also be white. This is a special technique that works in the autumn. In this way, fish will see a larger object and will be attracted sharply.

Keep the Bait Vertical


You must try to keep the bait vertical for a longer period of time. It should bounce from the bottom and coax the strike. It is for sure that you’ll get a strike and you’ll get an immediate opportunity to pull the bait back.

Be Patient

Patience is of paramount importance for fishing in the autumn. Let the bait go deeper and wait until you get your reward. Most of the people lose patience and they pull back the bait. This is the point where people lose the battle.


All in all, autumn is a great season to catch the fish if you follow the right baiting techniques. A lot of people leave the fishing during autumn and it becomes a great opportunity for some people to catch fish in leaps and bounds.